Legendary Life Lessons

Do you want to live a great life where you are as fit as professional athletes or as creative and intelligent as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein or as humble and loving as Mother Teresa?

Then the time has come to start replacing your habits.
The time has come to rewiring your brains.
The time has come to renew your beliefs.
The time has come to start working.

We all are trapped in beliefs of our family or society.  They tell us do not dream big because they think that we will not reach there, do as all other normal people are doing. Go get an ordinary job, live an ordinary life, marry and make family and die doing jobs what you don't want to do. We all are trapped like this. Different people have different problems and because of us, we are trapped unable to move and achieve our wildest dreams. We are hypnotized by our activities and by our social circle. These things have captured our mind and we have lost our creativity. We want to achieve greatness but are unable to do because we follow the same pattern of activities, thinking, and behavior. We wake up thinking that today we will do something great. We wake up thinking that today we will change our life but again we get trapped in the same loop of our life. This happens because we don't look what we are really doing. This happens because we blindly follow anything. We don't properly understand our goals and what we need to do to achieve that goal. We want everything to happen in one day and we get irritated if it takes time. These all things demotivate us, make us quit. That's why people are unable to live legendary lives because it takes proper planned work to achieve that quality of life and remember that quality is not an act it is a habit.

So, what is a legendary life? A life which you live on your terms is legendary. A life where you are fighting for your dreams, your rights is legendary. A life which fills your body with awesome energy to fight is legendary. A life where you are sharing love, respect for others is legendary. A life where you are showing kindness, where you are teaching others how to improve their lives is legendary. A life where your body is healthy, where your mind is curious like a child, where you feel great is legendary. You can define a legendary life according to yourself but what the above line defines is legendary in general. But again the question comes to our mind that this appears appealing to read but in reality is it possible? The question is not whether it's possible or not but the question should be how it's possible. What to do to make it possible? What do you need to improve on yourself to make your life meaningful and great?

One week back I started eating healthy food and exercised regularly. Some people said me this is not going to help. Whatever you do some people are always there to stop you, some are always present to change your mind but how you tackle them defines what you want to become. Do you want to accept what they just said i.e. don't do this nothing good will happen or do you want to work hard and be consistent to change your life? If you accept that what others say is correct you are right, if you do not accept what others say about you and you keep on improving yourself by working on your weakness then also you are right. Both are right paths but the path you choose indicates who you are and what you want to become. Your daily activities are indicators, your daily behavior is an indicator, your daily habits are indicators of your destiny. You either can make your life beautiful or you can destroy it. It's your choice.

This depends on you, what you want to do. You can be a master of your life by creating your life by working towards it either hardly or smartly. So to live a legendary life is a choice. Nobody can teach you. Everyone is born to live a legendary life but again it depends on what you choose and what your mindset is. You should have perseverance. You have to give time to your goals. You have to work daily to destroy your weaknesses. This is the path to an extraordinary life.