Some Techniques to Transform your life.

All people on this planet want to transform their lives but only a few are achieving what they want because that much amount is really working towards it. We all have some dreams, some desires, some goals to achieve. Some people achieve it and some are unable to. Then excuses develop in mind for example - "I should have started 1 year back, now it's not possible" or " I am not gifted or not talented" or " My family or relatives are saying don't do this because nowadays no one is doing it" or "People are saying live like an ordinary person.''. These all things stop us from doing what we really wanted to do.

People say things and we accept that and we stop dreaming bigger. Always remember if you want to live a life of legends then you have to believe in yourself. Don't let other people scatter your mind in different directions. You are born to achieve greatness and you will achieve it. Starting path is always difficult, you will find difficulties when you walk towards your goals. Sometimes you will get confused and this confusion is necessary for reorganizing our life into extraordinary.


If you really want to transform your life then you have to follow this with full commitment and don't give up if you fail to follow. Restart it again as going through difficulty will make you an incredible person. The techniques are as follows :

1. Change Your Morning Routine
What you do when you wake up? Do you start your day opening facebook, Instagram, or checking your email or ''do you start your day by complaining about things and shouting at people" or '' when you wake up you exercise or do yoga." What you do during starting of the day creates the huge impact on your life. So, make your life great by starting your day like a warrior.
Exercise when you wake up for making your body active. You can do running, skipping or bodyweight exercises or stretching or yoga. If you have the habit of reading then read good books which uplifts you and fills your mind with positive vibrations.
If you do yoga, focus more on pranayama ( breathing exercises) for calming your brain. Give 20 minutes daily to exercise as you wake up.

2. Scheduling
Make a schedule of your goals with a proper time limit. You can choose any part of your day to schedule your goals may be at night or on Sunday. You can make a seven-day schedule and recheck it on the 7th day that where are you failing i.e. are you planning too much which is not possible for you to do or you are not following it due to other reasons. Find that reason why you are not able to follow your schedule and reshape it and again follow it. After doing it you will understand where you are failing, what you are doing wrong. You have to track your performances and regularly take small steps to improve it.

3. Act now
This is the main problem which every one of us faces. We have ideas but we don't act. We wait for the right opportunity to act. Always remember there is no right opportunity, winners create opportunity.
Move forward with your ideas and apply it, work on it. This time is great to start anything. Don't wait and don't lose hope if you do any mistake because from mistakes you will learn and grow.

So, start taking daily tiny steps for improving yourself. Maybe you have some better ideas to implement but the golden rule is to start small and act now because present will make a difference not future or past.