Stop being a Slave, Become a Master

Do you want to become the architect of your life? Do you want to create a life where you are healthy, where you have great relationships, where you are successful in your careers? If your answer is yes, keep on reading. If you think you are confused what to do if your foundation was not strong then keep on reading. You make your life great when you start to question yourself and by questioning yourself you become more aware.


Firstly, you have to understand how life works, how emotions affect your health and your well- being. When you are upset or angry because you failed in achieving your career or you failed in exercising regularly or you failed in relationships then you start blaming people or yourself to make yourself comfortable and to make your life easier for you. This is the life of a slave. Anger, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, jealousy are signs of a victim. If you are letting these poisons enter your mind you are destroying your life. If you are quitting because you can't achieve anything or because you are failing then you are becoming a victim of your life. Anger is not always wrong but if you don't have control on it then it always leads to destruction. So first step is to :
Identify negative thoughts and emotions and observe how they are affecting your life.


Secondly, you have to accept that these things are causing a problem after identifying step. Accepting your mistakes, if you always have negative thoughts and emotions accept it. Because acceptance will make you aware of your activity So second step is to:
Accept that you have these problems don't deny that it was before, now it's not.


Thirdly, you have identified your negative mindset and emotions, you also have accepted it. Now you can control it by working on it. It now becomes easier to work on it because you are aware where the problem lies. Now regularly work on it. Again you will face same challenges in removing these things which is fear, doubt, failure. People will be demotivating you and say why are you trying these rubbish things. But you know that for becoming a master of your life you have to go through these steps. Now, the question comes how to control it? The answer lies inside you. You can control it by questioning yourself. For example - You have given some interview but you failed, now start questioning yourself  ''Where I was wrong? What needs to be improved". If your relationships were affected then again question yourself  "Why the problem started? Was I wrong? What if he/she was correct? But the problem is we always blame others, we don't question ourselves. If you will start questioning yourself you will get the answers.

Becoming a master in life is not difficult, but we have made ourselves a slave to life by becoming selfish. Identifying, accepting and questioning are three major tactics to make you the master of your life. Always remember, you will fail to master your life but you need to always work hard to make it better. Master doesn't mean a perfect person, master means a person who doesn't quit, a person who accepts his mistakes, a person who keeps on improving himself and who is not affected by others.