Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

- Buddha

What are you thinking while reading this article? Are you concentrating on lines or are you thinking of something else, about your past where you failed or about your future where you are imagining yourself shining? But what about the present moment, are you giving your 100 %  to create your dream life. THINK ABOUT IT.

Maybe you have many problems in life, many of us have, which has occupied our minds making it trapped in thoughts of future and past. But if you want to transform your life into an outstanding one then you have to walk through that difficulties concentrating at present. Sometimes we get so much engaged in our problems, we forget our goals. We remain trapped in this loop because problems, difficulties force us to stop dreaming bigger and we remain trapped in this loop forever. This can be solved by stopping your thoughts by focusing on your breath. Breathe deeply, calm your brain, stop all your thoughts and see what is happening to you. Now you are fully aware to focus completely on your goals.

Don't run from your problems or responsibilities, learn from these experiences of life because these things make your life wonderful. If you think without struggling and sacrificing you will be at the top, then you are sadly mistaken. The people who have acquired the topmost position have struggled a lot, they have sacrificed a lot, they fail but they again come up with the new idea and apply it. If you want to grow and keep growing till infinity then the struggle will never be over because you always have to fight with yourself to become ten times stronger than previous you.

You may be searching for tips to achieve anything, become world-class in fitness, to become wiser, to have good social life, earn more money, but the golden run is believing in abundance. If you think you don't have enough resources, rethink it. Nature is the answer. If you have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, organic foods to eat, a shelter, some clothes then I consider you have plenty of resources for achieving your goals.

Suppose you are in a desert and you are very thirsty, what will be in your mind - your problems of life or water? Here your mind is doing a great job it is thinking about how to get water because it is needed for survival, this is the natural tendency of all organisms. But when you have resources, why are you trapped in your problems, why you keep on complaining about life, why not search and work for your goals as you searched for water. Now, you are becoming more aware. This awareness is required for survival as well as living a great life.
So, don't only think about it, but also take proper action and don't wait for right time to come, make your present count.