How to be more energetic?

Energy and persistence conquer all things.
-Benjamin Franklin 

You may be wondering what makes a person more energetic? What makes a person active in his day to day life? What makes a person enthusiastic about every aspect of life? What makes a person passionate to achieve his goals? If you want the answer to these questions then you are in the right place.
Here we will be learning what energy is, why some people are more energetic and how you can be more energetic.

According to physics energy is the property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on or to heat the object. "Energy is the capacity to do work."


Just observe your surroundings because from observation you will become aware. Who do you see in your surroundings more energetic? You can find some people who are always active. You may have observed that the people who are more energetic are always moving, they are always working on their goals and reverse is also true i.e when you move you become energetic. Some people become energetic because of their family. 
Suppose you are sleeping, you don't want to wake up but when your mother or father come to wake you up you quickly wake up, maybe because you don't want to make them angry. So, how you became energetic to wake up? Let's take another example suppose you are living in a hostel where your room is cluttered by your clothes or books or anything else and you are not energetic to clean it and you got a call from your parents that they will be visiting you today then what happens? You quickly clean the room, organize your clothes and books, wash your clothes etc. Now, how you are becoming energetic? You are becoming energetic because your parents are your driving force. Similarly, some people are always energetic because they have some driving forces. Driving force can be money, goals, people, great relationships, incredible health. But if you fail to achieve any of it, you will again go back to an old state of being not energetic. 
So, again think why some people are energetic? Again you will find some people who are energetic not because of their parents, not because of money. They are energetic because of their mindset. It's their psychology which makes them more energetic. We all have a free will and we can use it either to become a slave or become a master of our lives. You can choose to become a person who is energetic. It's a choice you always have and know it from your wisdom which is buried deep in your mind and heart.


You may be listening to this - eat healthy food, sleeps 7 - 8 hours a day, exercise daily and you will become more energetic. You may have seen people sleeping less, eating less, exercising less but they are more energetic. So, what is the technique? 
Exercise helps and it makes you active but sometimes people are unable to do that also because of feeling tired. Food is the source of energy, sleep refreshes your mind, exercise makes your body active. 
  • Now visualize your life what really happens to you. Suppose you decided to wake up at 5 a.m but you woke up at 7 a.m. Suppose you decided from tomorrow you will exercise daily and you started but continued until 3 days and stopped. Suppose you have to clean your house, or you have to finish your work (job, house, or academics related) and you failed to complete it. What excuse do you give? You may be saying my energy was low, lack of time, irrelevant tasks, I don't have to do that. Now you can see, energy is your choice. It is your psychology, it's your decision. 
  • Whenever you find yourself giving excuses may be in bed when you wake up, maybe while doing your work ask yourself  "Is this required to make my life great? If I don't take action today will I be able to change myself tomorrow? How can I believe myself that I will do it tomorrow if I am giving excuses now? 
Question yourself and you will get an answer from you deep instinct. Always remember change is very difficult at first and you have to make a habit to be more energetic and for that, you always have to work for it. It's a decision you make every day. Whatever you have decided from your childhood, whatever actions you have taken in those days, the result is you. If you want a change you have to decide and act because thinking is not enough you must act.