Open doors to create new possibilities.

Possibilities are everywhere, it is in every aspect of life. Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you have, you have to open doors to new opportunities yourself. Sometimes, our mind becomes foggy as the mirror, that doesn't mean it is of no use. You have to clear it with believing in yourself, thinking positive, making it more focused on by removing distractions.

Where the problem lies?
From the long time you are listening nothing is impossible, you should not quit but why people are still failing, why you are still quitting? You know if you will work hard, you can achieve anything. If you consistently work on improving yourself you can transform your life, but why you are unable to work as you thought before? Why you lose hope if you know one should not lose hope because failure is part of life? The reason behind this is that you only listen to it and nothing more. People say they have applied everything, nothing works, it all depends on luck. They say if you are lucky you will reach the top. Just observe what is happening. First, we make goals, we apply our own rules and sometimes we fail. Then we get motivated by listening others that we should not quit then again we work then again failure happens. Then people start demotivating others that nothing works, it depends on luck. The problem is that we are not understanding what it requires to reach there.The problem is that we only listen to it and blindfolded apply it. The problem is we want to be more comfortable. The problem is we want everything to happen in one day. The problem is that we are selfish, we only want to see ourselves at top

What to do then?
You have everything, but the problem is you are not feeling your goals at the emotional level. Yes, you heard it right ''emotional level''. We have sufficient tactics, we have sufficient resources but we don't have a deep emotional feeling to achieve our goals. Thinking and listening are not enough though it is essential. When you are attached to achieve anything emotionally then your whole mind and bodywork differently. So, even if the door is closed for your career, for improving your relationship, for improving your health, for calming your mind, for helping others and yourself then also you will be creating new possibilities to open it. We all have everything, we only have to work on our mind, body, and emotions for properly transforming ourselves.

So, close your eyes, and think what you want to change whether it is your career, your health, your relationship and ask yourself "Do you really want to work on it"? Because in this world we are doing the same thing which our parents have done, or what other people in our society are doing. You have to do what drives you emotionally. If you will start feeling your goals deeply then no power can stop you from achieving that. So, go ahead and open the doors to create new possibilities.