Achieve More in Less Time

Observe what you do daily in your life. What are you planning and how much you are executing that plan. Some people stop working on their goals because they think that now there is no time to continue. They think that if they have done it yesterday then today they would have been in better condition. But what they forget is that presently makes the difference. If you will not take any action today then tomorrow you will regret not taking action today. This is how our mind works. We keep on regretting about past and we dream of our bright future without taking any action in present. Now you can understand why people fail to achieve outstanding health, good relationships, great results and happiness in their life.

Don't stop because you don't have enough time. Don't stop because people say you are not talented. Everyone starts somewhere. You have to start now to achieve greatness. Forget about past and start acting now.

When we plan ahead we make a long-term to do's list and we are unable to achieve it. Because we make a list of achieving everything in a small time frame which is not possible and we end up doing nothing.

Suppose you have to achieve a goal named Z in the one-year time frame. Then make short terms goals say a, b, c....... y to achieve in a particular week. Regularly working on short-term goals will give you the motivation to achieve your final goal. This seems simple but it is not. The problem is we delay things and transfer it completely to next day. We are not consistent and this is because we don't have a habit of practicing it. So, for making this your habit you have to start small now. Make short-term goals which you can achieve daily then after one week you can increase the workload. This is just similar to building a muscle. We first train with light weights and after some days we progressively increase the load. Remember that you cannot do more than your capacity in one day, you have to train yourself regularly. So consistency is required.

Suppose you became consistent and you continued it for one month then also you are unable to see the required results. What will you do? The person "X" quit and thinks it is not possible and starts to do something else. Another person "Y" analyses his one month's activities and find some loopholes and start working on it day by day with consistency. Now you can tell who will get best results. So we require perseverance. If you don't have perseverance then achieving something great is very difficult. This is the main problem with us which we don't fix. There is nothing which you cannot achieve with consistency, perseverance and by learning from your mistakes.

This is how a person can achieve more in less time. Less time doesn't imply one day, fewer times here means how you can achieve more by removing habits and activities which is killing your precious time.