Habits for improving health

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.
- Mahatma Gandhi.

If you ask people how to remain healthy and they will answer "exercise regularly", "eat healthy", "sleep on time" and the list goes on and on. But when you will go deeper inside how a person becomes healthy then you will realize that the most important facts which makes above-mentioned tips work are discipline, focus, dedication, consistency and a lot of patience. These things are required for making healthy habits for improving health. You need to develop a habit to condition your body. Habits take time to develop but if you follow it with dedication for a long time then you can hard-wire it in your brains.
The mind plays a significant role in making you healthy. Because for achieving any results focus is required. If you want to exercise regularly then you have to focus on proper form and proper body movements.

Habits which ruins health
1. Some people exercise regularly but they don't take proper nutrition. This habit weaken our body because in order to function properly our body requires nutrients like complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. So for overall well being a person has to take balanced diet.
2. During training when results are not visible then some people lose patience and they stop their training thinking that it doesn't work. For any results to appear in your body takes time. So be patient and stick to your routine.

Habits of improving health
For developing a habit it takes sixty-six days. So, you have to work with consistency for sixty-six days. Good health doesn't appear at an instant but it takes a lot of hard work. For developing these habits you have to be disciplined and you must have a lot of patience. Some habits which if you develop can really change your health are :
1. Stop checking your emails, Facebook and Instagram while you wake up. Try to breathe deeply.
2. Move your body. Do some exercises which makes your body active. You can do skipping, pushups, pull-ups, stretching or any other exercise which breaks your sleep. Daily twenty minutes exercise in morning can boost your health.
3. Practice meditation and do breathing exercises like pranayama. This calms your mind and helps you to focus more.
4. Eat fresh fruits in the morning or squeeze a lemon in warm glass of water and drink. Eating fresh fruits in morning refreshes your mood and mind.
5. Take a good sleep and sleep on time. You may have observed that sometimes we sleep early and sometimes late and next day you face problems while waking up. So start sleeping on time and your body will become more healthy.

These are small habits but are very powerful in transforming your health. If practiced regularly for a long time then these habits will transform your life and it will take your health to the next level. So, focus on your health and practice healthy habits daily to change your health from fair to extraordinary.