How Principle of 90/10 Affects Your Life

Do you know that only 10 percent of your life is made up of what happens to you and remaining 90 percent of life is decided by how you react? This is Stephen Covey's 90/10 principle.

Many of us think that we cannot control our lives. But in reality, there are only 10 percent events in life which we cannot control. Suppose you have to reach a place at 5 p.m and you took a train on time but if the train gets delayed due to fog then you cannot control that situation. But when you reach there and what you do forms 90 percent of your life which you can control. You all have a power of choice i.e we choose what we want to become and we can control our reactions.

Don't become a victim
You can observe that these all things happen in our unconscious brain. Let's continue that example and understand how a person becomes a victim of his life. So, your train is late and you reach the destination 30 minutes later where you have to attend a very important business meeting. Now you are late and because of that, you are frustrated. So you reached the meeting and because of tensed mood you were shouting at people and you were unable to give your best. After that, you felt you screwed down all the things and you were waiting for the day to end. Now you are more frustrated because the meeting went bad and you are complaining about drivers, railways, and government. This all could have gone in other way if you decided not to react to a situation. When you reached the destination late then you could have stayed calm thinking it is for good. If you have controlled your reaction at this point then you would have participated in the meeting with a calm mind and maybe you would have given them the best strategies. After that, your day could have been the best.
Now you can understand how we react to what happens to us in our life. When the train was late it was only affecting 10 percent of your life i.e. you couldn't have stopped yourself from getting late. But what happens after that was in your control. So, your choice was how to react. This reaction controls your 90 percent of our lives but we don't understand that and we end up being reactive.
This principle can save your relationships, can improve your decision making skills, can help you reach your goals faster if properly applied.

Become aware, understand this principle and use it wisely
This principle is easy to understand but for applying it to your daily life needs a lot of training. This is because we have hard-wired our mind to react to small things. Think of things or decisions which if you have made in past could have changed your entire life. What we became today is because of our decisions we took in past. This happens in our unconscious brain and this has become our habit. So regularly you have to train your mind. This requires a lot of observation and a lot of improvement in your mindset. Because your mindset and your decision to choose makes all the difference.
So, by asking yourself some questions you can train your mind. You can ask some questions to yourself before reacting.
Suppose you are riding a bike and a person crosses you very fast on a bike. You took this as a challenge and you also started driving very fast. After some time you left him behind and now you are happy. So, you looked back with a smile and then the same instant you hit a boy crossing the road.
Now ask yourself why this happened:
1. It was because of that man who was riding fast in front of you.
2. It was because of the boy who was crossing the road.
3. It was because of you riding fast.
4. It was because you reacted to someone who crossed you with a high speed.
According to me, it was because of your reaction i.e option 4. It was because you took that as a challenge. It was because of your choice, because of our mindset. That is the problem with us. We take any decision without understanding the consequences. In everyday life, whether you are stuck in a traffic jam, or someone spills some tea or juice on your dress you choose to react. Before reacting try to understand the situation. Try to understand the reason why that happened. Because your reaction will control your 90 percent of life and can make you a victim of your life.
So, become a master of your life by not being reactive but by being proactive. You need to train your mind for applying this rule daily. This rule can completely change your life. And don't worry the child who met with an accident is out of danger because you chose not to react. If you understood this then try to teach it to all your friends so that they also can transform their lives.


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