How to stop your sufferings?

Some people are suffering because of health issues, some people are suffering because they are unemployed for a long time or they lost a job and are unable to find next one. Some people are suffering financially, some people are suffering because their best friend or family screwed them up. So, there is physical, mental and emotional sufferings. Do you know the root cause of these sufferings? Do you know how to stop sufferings? For finding answers to these questions let's go inside your brain.

Why we suffer?
Suppose from now you don't have access to technology for 24 hours i.e. no internet, no mobiles, no television, no computers. Try to visualize what you will feel? What will you do the entire day? Various people will answer that "I can't live without mobile and internet". You will feel trapped. You will think that how you will use Facebook, Instagram or how you will talk to your loved ones. You will think that internet and mobiles are your top priorities in life. You will think that internet, mobiles, televisions, computers make your life productive and make your life complete. You will think that these all things are required for being happy. You will forget your old problems and you will pray to get those back. After 24 hours when you get all things back, you will be very happy, you will say these are the best things in life. Now you will find beauty in technology, now you value technology. But after some time you will feel miserable. Now you have the technology, you have resources but you are not feeling fulfilled. You have technology then also you are suffering physically, mentally, financially, socially etc.
Now just observe why you suffer? You are suffering because of your activities. You are suffering because of your mindset. We suffer because of our expectations. You expect that you will exercise for 3 days and you will build an awesome physique, you expect that you will read science one day and you will become a scientist, you expect that you will not fully commit and your relationship will be great. You are only expecting and in such a manner which is not possible.
We suffer because we don't find beauty in learning and working hard. We suffer because we keep on complaining about others. We suffer because instead of finding hope in a problem, we criticize it. That is why people suffer. We ourselves have trained us to suffer.

End your sufferings
You can end your sufferings at this moment. Yes you heard it right! You can remove all your sufferings now. You have to train your mind for it. Now you know why you suffer so it becomes easy to end it.
Step 1 - Identify your sufferings it may be financial, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.
Step 2 - Observe your expectations i.e are you expecting more and working less? Or you are only                     expecting good things to happen to you without working.
Step 3 - Now you know what you are doing wrong. Work towards it.

Now you may be thinking how these steps can end your sufferings. You read the whole paragraph thinking that you will get some magic words or quotes to end your sufferings. But you are still disappointed to read it because your expectations were to get some magic to remove your sufferings at the instant. The path to end your sufferings starts when you start to live in the present, when you start to observe that you have weakness inside you which needs to be strengthened, when you fight to achieve whatever you want to achieve, when you find beauty and love in small moments of life. These are the magic words to end your sufferings. This is a long time process but the happiness and satisfaction which you will get after practicing is at instant i.e you will feel it now.

You have to do it yourself because no one will do it for you. If you want to remove all your problems work now. If you fail then again work on it. Remember to learn from your failures and don't repeat it. The problem inside us is that we keep on repeating our mistakes, we use same strategies which don't work and we say that it is not possible. So work on improving your mistakes daily and you will become a better person and your sufferings will come to an end.