Observe World with Different Perspective

We all are taught from the beginning to think positive thoughts and discard negative ones. We think that positive thoughts will benefit us and negative ones harm us. So people try to avoid negative thoughts and when they have negative thoughts they are worried. But sometimes we are in a situation where we can't help us i.e if something bad happens to us or to our relationships with other people then negative thoughts occupy our mind and we start blaming ourselves or others. So, what to do at that time? Is that person wrong or I am wrong? If you are in this confusion then this article is for you.

Story for Understanding
First, let us distinguish between negative and positive thoughts according to us. Suppose you and two of your friends A and B decided to watch a movie tomorrow at 7 p.m. Next day when you were getting ready your friend A messaged you that he is unable to come. Now observe what will happen to you and carefully observe your thoughts. You may say how he can cancel things at the end time, or how he can do it, he is a bad friend, he may have said it before, how he can do it? Now you and your friends are unhappy and in that mood, you went and watched the movie. You were angry and frustrated the whole day and sometimes it happens that some people stop talking to their friends because of this small incidents. So according to people, these thoughts are negative because it is causing a negative environment. After two days someone informed you that your friend A's uncle met with an accident that day that's why he was unable to come for a movie. Now you realized your mistake and you felt guilty for getting angry on him. After that, the matter is solved and you started talking to him. Now just observe how your mind works. When your friend messaged you that he was unable to come and you didn't try to find out the reason behind this. Your mind started making stories that he always does that, he is such a bad friend and the thoughts go on. If you have talked on that day to him you would have realized the reason behind that. On that day he became bad but after realizing the truth now he is again good. Now your mind has thoughts where you are not angry and maybe it is positive because it is not harming anyone. So what can you conclude about thoughts after this? Are negative thoughts really negative? Observe and you will understand that we name our thoughts as negative or positive but in reality, thoughts are always neutral. Problem is that we all make stories in our mind without realizing the truth. In same, incident you made the person good or bad. Now you realize whatever thoughts you have in mind is not wrong unless it is not harming anyone. The Mind is the powerful thing to control because either it can make you live productively or it can destroy everything from relationships to your goals.

I am not saying to always think positive. Because chanting positive mantras or affirmation can only help you for that instant but if you take a proper action you can change your life as well as others. Understand what the problem is and try to take action according to that. Don't try to create stories with your imagination. Because this can lead to serious problems in your relationship with people.