Secrets of Growth

If you ask people what they want, they will tell you about all the best things in the world. Ask them how much they work every day for achieving that? Now ask yourself? How much are you working to achieve your so-called best life? Are you daydreaming or are you really working? If you are working then why are you not growing? What is the secret to growing exponentially in any field? If you want answers to these questions then read the whole article and comment me what you think.

Why are you not growing?
Despite working regularly people see constant results. Maybe you are exercising and you are not gaining muscles, maybe you are regularly studying and not not getting the higher grades, maybe your business is not growing. The reasons for these can be:
1. You are in your comfort zone. We all know about this but only a few works on this idea. People are only doing things which make them comfortable. If you are doing this, then this is preventing your growth.
2. You think you don't have knowledge. People generally quit when they learn they are not expert in that field. They think others are better and they give up. If you think this then this is the reason.
3. You are afraid or shy to ask for help. Maybe you think if you will take help from others it will decrease your respect, reputation or anything what you think. This can seriously stop your growth.
4. You are a dreamer which is good but not an action taker.
5. You think the universe will give you everything because you think you are a positive person and you don't harm anyone. If you are like this then you still have to take action.
The list goes on and on. Try to find out yourself why are you not growing. Maybe it is not on the above list because every person is unique. Identify it because it will help you for growing.

Secrets For Growth
1. Think of your lack of creativity, weakness as a shell around you which you have to break. Start working on your weakness by identifying it and then destroy it by regularly working on it.
2. While destroying your weakness you will feel pain because you are going out of your comfort zone. This pain is necessary for your growth. Keep going forward.
3. When you continue in this path you will hit plateaus but a secret to again grow from that plateau is to keep working by learning from your mistakes and this will make you a better version of yourself.

Don't think that reading this will increase your growth. This is an idea to make you understand. What you do after reading this determines how you will grow. The hard thing is to implement this idea into your life with consistency.
After reading this you will get some ideas and you will develop some great ideas which will be your secrets for growth. If you have any secrets then tell me in comments so that all of us can learn it together.