Ways to Be Proactive

Do you have a habit of reacting at all events in life? Are you unable to think before reacting? Do you feel that something is wrong when you react to others? Do you want to control your mind and your emotions? If your answer is yes then you should learn ways to be proactive.
Being proactive means thinking and acting ahead of anticipated events. Being proactive can transform your lives by changing your thinking pattern. It is a great method to reach your goals faster, improve relationships and it can also increase your happiness level.
When an unexpected situation happens, you can act in two ways - either you react by blaming or shouting at someone or you think, understand the situation and respond in a reasonable manner. When you directly blame a person without thinking then you are reactive. For becoming proactive you have to train yourself. A proactive person can control the situation instead of becoming a victim of the situations.

Ways to Be Proactive 
 There are some ways which will make you proactive but it requires a lot of practice. This is because from the beginning we have shaped our mind to react.

1. Stop blaming and start finding ways to solve the problem
People generally blame others or themselves when a problem occurs. Then they become depressed and become a slave to the situation. Try to think how that problem can be solved. Don't focus on things which you cannot control but instead focus on those things which can be fixed. This is the great tool to become proactive. Don't try to act in a situation very fast without thinking. Think and then act to solve the problem.

2. Take Responsibility and have courage
Many people don't know what they want to do. They are generally following the steps what others in their society have done. If they think of doing something different then they get demotivated by listening to people who don't try anything new. Some people are afraid to work on their dreams, some people don't take responsibility for themselves. If you are like any of these people then start taking responsibility on your shoulders because no one will do it for you. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams because it takes courage to go on a new path, it takes courage to change yourself and it takes courage to change and transform your life. You have to regularly work on this idea because the problem with you is that you practice in one day and after that, you forget about it. Being proactive means becoming aware and observing what is happening to you and then act wisely to transform yourself.

3. Set Realistic Goals
Your goals must be real and achievable. People generally set big goals in the small time frame and are unable to achieve it. When they are unable to achieve it they lose hope and they stop setting next goals. So break your goals into smaller goals which can be achieved easily. Smaller goals are easy to achieve and by regularly achieving smaller goals you will achieve your bigger goal. When you start achieving small goals you will feel more confident and you will be happier. When you set vague goals then results are also vague. So, think and act.

4. Planning and Analyzing 
Some of us plan many things but are not able to work on their plans and some of us don't plan and start working. These both practices leads to failure. Making a plan is not enough, you have to analyze what is working and what is not working. Most of the time our life don't go according to our plan and that makes our life unique. So, whenever you execute your plan be flexible i.e always be ready to modify the plan if something is not working. Try to analyze your steps in advance. You all have gained a lot of experience but the problem is that we forget things. So, whenever working on a plan try to predict where and how you can fail and this will greatly change your work.

5. Consistency
Now you know that we have to take responsibility, stop blaming others, set realistic goals, plan and analyze but if you are not consistent then these steps will not help. You have to apply all these steps consistently. You have to work on yourself regularly because you cannot transform your life in one day.

These steps will make you proactive but it again depends on you. Whatever you do, if you don't have perseverance then this article will not help. For developing proactive mindset you have to train yourself regularly. Proactive mindset can influence different areas of your life. It can save and transform your relationships, boost your health, transform how you work towards your goals. But you must be willing to act now.