Why You Should Remain Healthy?

To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
- Buddha

In this fast flowing and busy world, people are so consumed in their work that they forget to exercise and eat healthily. If you are doing a job which requires long hours sitting in front of computers or any work where you are moving less then you are destroying your health. Health is said to be the real wealth. Without good health, a person cannot enjoy success, peace, and happiness. If you will observe carefully then you will find that people are running for money or whatever success means to them. The common thinking of a major group of population is that first focus more on money and success before health and after becoming rich they will care about health. But they don't understand that being healthy is the path which truly gives meaning to success. If you follow this path where you are neglecting your health then you will lose most important blessings of human beings which are remaining healthy. Some people think that they will focus more on their work for one or more years and after that, they will take care of their health. But they don't understand exercising regularly and eating healthy is a habit. It cannot be developed in one day. You have to regularly work on it to make your body respond automatically. Our health depends on several factors, such as food, sleeping habits, mental condition, air, water, and sunlight.

Reasons why people neglect health and how to fix it.
We all know we have to remain healthy then why many people are neglecting things which are harming their health and well being? This may be because of following reasons:

1. Less Time - If you think that you don't have time to exercise regularly then rethink. Observe what you are doing daily and while observing you will realize that you waste so much time. This is a misconception that people who do jobs or have a very busy schedule cannot exercise. All have enough time to exercise so remove this misconception from your mind and start working on your body daily.

2. Financial Problems - If you ask some people why they don't exercise then they will answer that they cannot afford to go to the gym. They say when they will earn money they will start exercising. Now, who said you that for exercising and maintaining healthy body needs the gym? If you have this type of problem then you can do body weight exercises like pushups, pull-ups, squats, crunches etc.
These exercises can be done anywhere but you have to develop a habit of practicing these.

3. Eating Habits - Many people have developed unhealthy eating habits. Mostly prefer to eat junk foods, deep-fried foods and the list goes on. If you have developed some unhealthy eating habits then you can change it slowly. Many people try to replace their unhealthy habits in one day and they end up failing to stick to that diet. Again you have to remember that for replacing your unhealthy eating habits with healthy eating takes time. Slowly you have to replace it. Try to include more fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

4. Irregularity and lack of motivation - This may have happened to you that when you start to exercise regularly after some days or weeks you feel to give up. When people are unable to maintain regularity then they get demotivated. You have to lift yourself because no one can develop skills in one day. It takes time. Have some patience and try to eat your breakfast on time and also exercise on time. These habits take time to develop so take tiny steps.

5. Spending Less Time Outdoors - In this world, people are packed inside rooms. They sit more, watch more T.V. and are busy in their jobs which consumes time. For remaining healthy go for morning walks, do jogging, skipping or stretching. Try to go out and take a few minutes sunbathe. 

6. Drinking less water - If you will track how much water you drink in one day then you will observe that some of you drink less than 2 liters. During summers we require a lot of water but in winters we drink less than 2 liters. Try to drink at least 2 liters.

7. Smoking and drinking alcohol - If you have a habit of smoking and drinking alcohol regularly then it can seriously damage your healthy organs. These habits once developed are hard to stop. But it can be replaced with healthy habits. It is possible to replace these habits but it is not easy because it requires a lot of patience and consistency. Try to reduce it as much as you can.

Now, you may have understood how you can be healthy by following simple routines. Health should be your top priority. If you are healthy then your whole cells work actively. The more healthy you are, the more people you can help. If you really want to live a great life then you should start focusing on your health.