Why you are not able to wake up early?

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.
- Aristotle

Waking early has many benefits but it depends on what you do. One can use early morning to prepare themselves for the coming day i.e. you can make yourself active, you can make yourself healthy and you can inspire yourself by practicing many great habits which can make you happy and successful. This doesn't imply that the person who wakes late is not successful, you can be successful without waking up early. But early morning is a time when nature is at its best i.e you can calm your eyes and mind by watching the sunrise, you can meditate in silence in the morning which can relax your mind, you can feel and breathe the fresh and cool air in your lungs. You can go for a morning walk or you can exercise which can make your body active. You can do yoga, breathing exercises or read some great book which can lift your mood. But the problem is that we are unable to wake up. We make our mind to wake up early the next day but we end up hitting the snooze button and then wake up late for catching our old daily routine. If you really want to wake up early then continue reading because this small change can transform your lives.

Before Sleeping

Here we will discuss our thinking and actions before sleeping. Many of us are inspired by listening motivational speeches or reading some life-changing articles and we immediately want to follow it. Suppose you are inspired to wake up early, now you will set alarm for waking up early say at 5 a.m. You keep on thinking about things that you will do after 5 a.m. You now have decided how you will make your day great after waking early but next day you are unable to wake up on time. Suppose you wake up early by pushing yourself but then also you are unable to continue that. After two or three days you again started following your old patterns. This is because you don't observe, analyze and experiment. This is because we want everything in one day. You should understand you have to develop a habit to wake up early. You have to understand your body for making early rising your habit. You have to know how much hours of sleep you require. Each one of us is different. Some feel energetic after sleeping only 5 hours while some people feel energetic after sleeping 7 or 8 hours. So, observe and find how much hours you require. Suppose you want to wake up at 5 a.m and you found your required sleeping time to be 7 hours then sleep at 10 a.m. Many people fails to wake up early as they don't know how much hours of sleep they require and they don't sleep on time. This needs to be fixed if you want to wake up early.
A Strong Reason
Now you understood that you require sleeping hours according to your body to wake up on time. But there are some people who wake on same time even if they sleep late. If you want to develop this habit then you have to find a strong reason for waking up early. Sometimes you sleep late because you want to watch your favorite T.V series or sports or you have some assignments to complete or some office work or you have to attend the party at your friend's house. These things makes you late riser but with a strong reason, you can be a early riser. You have to ask yourself why you want to rise early and your answer to this question should be strong to move you out of bed. Suppose you have to catch a train at 6 a.m for attending your important business meeting or giving your final exams and you slept at 12 a.m. You set an alarm at 5 a.m then you will definitely wake up at 5a.m because you have a strong reason to rise early. If you really want to rise early everyday even if you sleep late then you should have a strong reason which can move you out of bed without letting your mind get trapped in sleeping.
Sometimes while sleeping we dream and if the dream is sweet then we are so occupied in our dreams that if we wake up while dreaming then also we sleep and try to continue that dream. If this happens to you then understand that those dreams are not real and sleeping more will not help to transform your life. You can only transform your life by waking from that sleep and by taking action. Find strong reasons, goals or anything which moves you. Because your action can move mountains if applied strategically. On an average, we require 7 hours of sleep. So use your sleeping hours wisely because it can make you more healthy. Sleeping on time and waking on time by completing average hours of sleep can really improve your health. It is not mandatory to wake at 5 a.m but it is necessary to complete your sleep for good health.
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