I am Abhishek Rocky from an ancient land, with an absorbing history - India.
Like many people, I also wanted to graduate from the best college, work in the best companies, earn more money, make good friends, have a great family and the list goes on and on. So, after completing my twelfth grade I tried to get admission in best colleges in India but I failed. So, I took admission in a decent engineering college. In the first semester apart from studies, I continued my hobbies which was sketching and writing. But due to the strict schedule of college, I left the hobby and I started to focus on my studies. While following the schedule of college I realized that I was neglecting my health as I was sleeping late at night because I and my friends used to watch movies or complete the college assignments. So I started doing body-weight exercise regularly and also started playing sports like table tennis and basketball. By playing these sports regularly I made new friends and I was enjoying. I used to live in a hostel in my first year and at that time I was very passionate to change my life but day by day and year by year I felt trapped in the college schedule. This doesn't mean I used to have a problem with my course but I used to have problems with the schedule of college. I and my friends used to attend the lectures only for attendance because we hated the system where we are only listening to lectures which are not interactive, where we are taking notes, sitting in the classroom for such a long time. Because of that schedule, I was not able to continue my hobbies. So, when I reached the third year of college I only attended half of the lecture. There were many of my friends who used to complain about everything but they were doing nothing. I found many people like me who were doing things which they don't like. We all were living the lives which we don't want to live. This is happening to most of us. We all are trapped in this world, running behind a system which is created by our family, society, and government. During four years of my college, I read many great books, watched many good movies, met many good people and suffered a lot mentally and physically. Then I realized that I was continuing this because in future I wanted to earn more money by getting placed in a good company or by clearing some government exams. Because of this mentality, I suffered a lot. This is not a way to live where you are becoming a slave to others only for earning money. Many people think success means money but it is not. I want to earn money but not by destroying my hobbies, health, and relationship. Open your eyes and start observing what is really happening to you. By observing you will become aware. When you become aware you can take strong actions. I am not saying to stop your work or leave your job but ask yourself some questions - Am I working to bring a change or revolution? Am I enjoying my work? Am I learning something from my work? Am I feeling healthy? Am I following my dreams? Do I feel accomplished at the end of the day? If your answer to all this question is yes, then you are on the right path but if it is no then you need to change your mindset. Don't try to please people, and don't do it for money. Do it for yourself, do what you always wanted to do because life is short to live somebody else's dream. Make your every second count.
I am writing this blog for teaching people and I am not here to make you follow my articles. I am here to make you aware of certain facts which I have learned through some of my experiences in life. I am here to make you believe in your dreams which has been erased from your mind by life struggles, responsibilities, society or any bad incidence in your life.

Some of my work will be scientific as I am an engineer and I totally believe in observing and experimenting different ideas. You all are extraordinary, you know everything but the problem is the creativity is buried deep inside your brain, so I am here to make you aware of that creativity and I will be helping you to dig that creativity out from you so you can live an incredible life.

Live Legendary Lives is all about learning various aspects of life. It may be related to health, mindset, your emotions, relationships and as well as spiritual development. Most people are doing the jobs they don't want to do, most are living the life which they hate. But due to social pressure, responsibilities, financial problems, health problems, lack of resources and lack of awareness we are still continuing that job. So, I am not here to tell you that you should stop doing that but I will give you some insights so that you can apply daily small steps to improve your life.